Happy New Years Personal and Business Goals


here are my 2013 Personal & business goals…

Read at least One Business book & One Devotional Study Type of book a month Implement what we learn about OCF at our wedding receptions
Submit Work on a regular basis
Do at least 2 styled shoots try for four.
Shoot with a purpose… Slow down, SEE IT, think about composition, feel it focus on QUALITY over quanity.
Be a better Christian, Wife, Mom, and person
UNPLUG EVERYDAY unless shooting from 5 to 9 family time! ((MAJOR FOR ME)
Finish our Re-brand and get a promo video by end of year
Have Shootq go completely set up and be paperless with invoices and contracts.
Have 30 minutes of quiet time each morning starting with devotions/bible study.
OUTSOURCE Editing when need to, Outsource anything that I don’t enjoy to focus on what I love
Call my friends, Send REAL cards, instead of texting or emailing so much.
Set boundaries with “office” hours phone calls and emails, say NO more.
Blog at least once a week but aim for two.
Walk the dogs at least 30 min a day and loose 15 lbs over the year.
Finally try out that expodisc I bought last year.
Order new Sample Albums.
Do Acts of Kindness anytime I can.
Buy one more D4.
Have more family photos taken by photographers I like summer and fall/winter.
Figure out Client Gifts for our new wedding clients.
Use Boxcar for social Media
Use a timer for all social media
Attend a workshop
Attend MTH with Lara Casey and Gina zeidler
Figure out what worked and what didn’t work from 2012 change what didn’t.
do house projects – Paint everyroom, fence for backyard, lots more
order canvas and prints of US for our home.
Do a date night at least once every other week.
Redo Pricing loose the flash based guide and do an online form and booklet.
Get Pretty Packaging for USB and Gifts
Get a New Client Welcome Package ready to go
Update Wedding Contract.
Be more organized
Identify our ideal bride and clients make our brand speak for itself.
Start a Tumblr for personal use
Start a gratitude journal

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