Back home from the Beach and Everyone is all better

We got home from the beach and the kids were sick then Brent and I got sick, WEWWWWW, what a WEEK!

I am very behind on photos, i’m So excited spring is HERE and I have lots of upcoming sessions planned from Maternity, Newborn, Siblings, 1st birthday’s, and a Prom. Can we just say I LOVE this time of the year?!?! Natural Light is MY camera’s BEST friend 😉

Here a few pics so I don’t go into DT’s from NOT posting.

Ella before I cut her bangs, YES i’m the one who SWORE I wouldn’t do it or at least not myself BUT the child was going blind not keeping her bows in!
I MESSED it up …….. and Yes I cried!

Before the haircut

After the haircut, at least SHE is happy!


OK be back later with more!

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