Editing Photos like crazy and Sharing

Something I saw on another blog that I really liked, I added to it or changed some stuff for what I personally believe.
I believe in God and that true life is found through His son Jesus Christ, not just as a religion, but in a relationship with Him.

I believe Children are the BEST Blessing in life.

I believe in the loyalty of a good friend.

I believe in the value of art and beauty and photography.

I believe in the mystery of music and how the lyrics of a song can be a great therapy.

I believe in being, and becoming, who you are, yet being content where you are at the moment.

I believe in being a little bit diva.

I believe 30’s are better than 20’s.

I believe in the power of prayer and miracles.

I believe in the sanctity of marriage with God in the center of it.

I believe in making a soundtrack for every mood.

I believe in treating others as I would want to be treated.

I believe that great movies and shows make life better some of MY favs are The Notebook (book and movie), Sweet Home Alabama and Sex and the City.
I believe in reading celebrity news.

I believe in family and that parents can be your best friends.

I believe in bubble baths in large garden tubs.

I believe in finding the good in everyone.

I believe in forgiveness.

I believe in splurging on expensive luxuries you have earned, yet also finding ways to give back to good causes.

I believe every woman should have the perfect black dress LBD

I believe in Spanx

I believe in soul mates.

I believe in date nights with my husband sans the kiddos.

I believe in gut feelings about people’s true colors.

I believe in lifelong friendships.

I believe in Cheesecake and Sephora.

I believe in writing/living your own love story.

I believe time and forgiveness heals all wounds.

I believe everything happens for a reason.

I believe we are all capable of maximizing our greatest potential and making our dreams come true.

I believe in second chances.

I believe in a photo speaking a thousand words.

I believe in the confidence stilettos give a girl.

I believe that babies and puppies can make your heart swell.

I believe in Sleeping in til Noon.

I believe in laughing until your stomach hurt.

I believe in spoiling oneself with massages, facials and pedicures.

I believe in walking through fears and taking risks.

I believe in paying it forward.

I believe in saying what’s on your mind and heart and always being honest.

I believe in cherishing the simple moments of life with loved ones because you never know when the Lord will take them home.

I believe in overcoming phobias.

I believe in ME!

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