Kinder Graduate!

I can’t believe my baby boy is a kinder graduate and what a great year it was.
He got Acedemic Excellence, which is getting lots of 4’s on grade cards. (4=above grade level)
we are SO proud. He LOVED everything about school, he made some great friends, had a wonderful teacher, it was just an all around awesome experience for all of us.

Now we are busy with Baseball camps (baseball is over but there are THREE camps), Cub Scouts, you name it, I don’t know where we will fit
Ella in for activities when she gets older! I know I want her to try dance and i’m hoping she will LOVE that and want to do it for many years.

In just a year, he seems so much older, the way he talks, looks just everything. Sometimes I just get teary eyed thinking about it, you know that song by kenny chesney DON’T Blink really hits home to me.
the part where it says “your 6 years old and you take a nap you wake up and your 25”
Oh my that tears me UP!

I thank God I have 2 awesome kids, and i’m so proud of them.
I pray they will always be first Healthy and Happy! That is all that really matters.

OK now for the photos they were QUICK and not the best at all but I wanted to share anyways.

I’ll have to scan his Cap/Gown photo. Those were for photos only, the grad ceremony was a luau theme.

Mr. Martin giving him his diploma.


Mrs. Nolf, the BEST Kinder teacher, More than I could ever have hoped for in a teacher.

Mrs. Seter, an awesome Teachers’ Assistant.

Just a few of the 21 students


Last but NOT least, Miss “M” we here all about her, J loves her to pieces!

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