News and other Ramblings and Halloween Shapshots!

WOW the more I try to blog actually sit down and blog instead of just post it seems I get worse at it.
I just have zero time.
So right now for once, all my editing is up to date, the laundry is going, Ella is Napping and J is watching a movie i’ll do a quick update on us and Monica Reid Photography News.

As far as Monica Reid Photography News goes we are happy to announce we have joined Pictage.
It’s an amazing lab and much much more.
check them out.

I’ll be showing off some products here really soon!
We have an insanely busy month coming up
Off the top of my head
we have of course the BIG wedding of
Brian and Shannon in Raleigh, I couldn’t be more excited for them!!!
A family of 6 with 4 little girls! Poor dad 😉 hee hee!
A newborn i’m waiting for TWO to be born come on babies!!!
An engagement Shoot
2 infant shoots
1 toddler shoot
This is all in the next month.
Busy but oh so worth it!

I will be offering more press products as well
cards, save the dates, etc the list from pictage goes on and on!

I’m SUPER excited!!!!!

If you want to schedule anything in Dec I will try to fit you in but you need to call soon.

I’m already booking for 09 so call now, dates are filling quickly.

I’m going to run lots of contest in 09 and will be looking for models of age and sex for one contest.

You my blog readers will vote for the winners.

Also for all my clients who are referring me THANK YOU!!!
There will be prizes for that as well….

Ok now who else is ready for Nov 4th?
i’m SO over the bashing!
I love what my friend Kendra posted on her blog

Whoever wins I just hope the bickering will stop and the country will recover.
I felt like I voted for best of the worst.

OK fill in on my life.
Brent and I are basically leaving breathing photography right now which is great and we are loving it!
Jackson is doing AWESOME in school, let me brag for a second.
He’s basically getting all 4’s.
in first grade we were told to expect 2’s average 3 meeting and 4 exceeding grade level which is rare NOT to expect 4’s.
WELL DRUMROLL for my baby…….who is getting mostly 4’s.
YaY! I couldn’t be more proud!
Not only is he smart and sweet he’s the funniest sweetest kindhearted kid in the world.
I LOVE my baby!
He’s also an accelerated reader, who loves to read.
basically he’s just awesome and yes i’m bias but really he is!

Miss Ella is too adorable and I can NOT believe is almost 2, HOW did that happen??!!!! She is so funny and gorgeous.
She is 2 going on 12!
She is my SASSY WILD child and I love her to pieces.
she keeps me laughing.
She is high maintence but that is ok!!
I’d say she pretty much runs the family 😉
she is bossy, hee hee.

I can’t believe it’s already November and Christmas is so close.
I hope everyone will who is able will donate to the Angel Tree and Toys 4 tots or help a family out who is in need.
I was thinking the other day how blessed we are.
My kids get more on just an average month than some kids get on Christmas day and that breaks my heart.
I will always teach my kids not to be selfish and to always give what they can.
We have toys running out of of ears and we just keep getting more, it’s crazy.
I think it’s ok to spoil as long as they dont’ ACT spoiled and that is my goal!

I don’t post too much about my family but I do realize how much they help me out and mean to me.

Without them photography wouldn’t happen near as often as it does.
My dad keeps my kids full time, he’s the best!
He is retired and I love that he is able to watch them.

My grandma and Paul AKA ‘grandpa Paul’ helps out during the day too, she’s the most amazing giving great grandma in the world. Paul is like family and we all love him.

My mom still works but is always available for me at night or on the weekenks when I have a shoot. Soon to be ‘grandpa Carroll is great too’, the kids love him!

Brent’s parents are great too they keep the kids for us when we ask but they are so busy with their jobs, piano and church it’s harder for them.

His grandparents are great too they are busy running a very busy apple orchard but the season is almost over. I’m sure they are ready for some rest.

We are both so fortunate to have such loving large family!

Without them i’d be lost, I love them all so much! I hope I thank them enough and I hope they all know how very much they are all appreciated!

If you have made it this far I’d like you to keep my Dad and my Grandma in your prayers.
Like I said my dad is my main caregiver while we work, and they go to my grandma’s alot he gets a break while and grandma and Paul watch the kids.

The bad news is my dad has to have a total hip replacement in December (17th) so he’ll be out of commission for about 6 weeks and my grandmother who has really bad arthritis in her knees hurt her knee last week and is now in a wheelchair unable to walk.

Thank God for Paul who has volunteered to help out all he can but he’ll busy helping grandma as well.
He’s going to come get J and take him to school for me so I can work and take Ella to “maws” as the kids call her ;0
My mom is helping all the days she can by taking days off of work to keep the kids.
BUT I am still going to have to find someone for a back up or in case of an emergency so I will be looking for a part time or short term Nanny.
If you are interested or know someone let me know.

I just want everyone to pray that both my dad and grandma will heal quickly and be OK! They both mean the world to me.

OK i’ve rambled on so here are some Snapshots of the past few weeks of the kiddos and a few of me and Brent out on a shoot.

Halloween party last week





















When you almost 7 year old dresses up like THIS


YOUR almost 2 year old SCREAMS like this all night!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Without the mask she was OK!!!


in fact she REALLY thought she could fly NO JOKE she
RAN down the driveway IN The road thank God our neighborhood is kid friendly screaming I CAN FLY!!!!!!




one more for laughs 😉

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