So much to do so little time! More Pics!!

Wow i’m feeling really busy! Jackson is out of preschool, how is it that my ‘baby’ is going to start kindergarden???!!! Tball is over, swim lessons are next.
between his activities and Ella wanting to be held 24/7 😉 I hardly have time to proof any pics, most less clean the house, how is it in 5 min a 5 year old can destroy every room?!?
I did get my biz cards ordered, one thing off my 1000 to do list.
Just about all my friends are done having their babies, come on Lori!!!
I can’t wait to do Mr. ‘T’ session how can he already be 8 weeks old???
Also Miss ‘L’ and Mr. ‘S’ will be fun, Lori can’t wait to your maternity and then the family ones!
I have some shoots scheduled for some more ball pics, dance pics, family, and a one year old! I LOVE this!
I have quite a few people to call and schedule some sessions, I need to get on the ball!!
I had tons of fun doing Katie’s Bridal! minus the 9o+ degree day!
I can’t believe how close the wedding is!
Ok here are some more pics of my kids and friends!
and a sneak of the bride well her shoes 😉
ok pics are uploading and I gotta run will post them tonight!

ok home here are the pics
so out of order and so random!
here was out Mother’s day Tea Party @ the preschool, it was SO cute!
I just love that school and will miss it!

Here are Two Gorgeous Glowing Preggy friends, well one has had her Baby and he is SO cute, just precious!

Here is my best girl friend back from school!
her baby, Mr. ‘T’ is GORGEOUS! so tiny and precious, can’t wait to hold him again!
and look at her out of hospital for a couple of weeks and only had 5lbs to loose, I official hate her, JUST KIDDING hee hee! I love her of course!


I Love some baby feet!

My hubby playing ball and my Son being a monkey 😉

More Tball pics!
Jackson and Miss ‘D’, isn’t she so cute?!?

I can’t post any more of these until I find out if Mr. “L” the groom knows about this site, but really isn’t it all about the shoes anyway???!!??? 😉

hanging at the lake
I have to get some better pics of Miss “EK’ she’s Ella’s future shopping buddy, I think they already talk about shoes 😉
This looks like she is saying NO WAY ahaha!

I have to find the ones where they are Passed out on the lake! they are way too funny!
Love how they are looking at each other Hubby and Ella, DD!

Daddy’s fishing Buddy

Ella says hey I will drive this boat, while Y’all catch those stinky fish!

Jackson has made Lee his new best bud, sorry Katie you got demoted! 😉

I LOVE these pictures because this is Ella’s GREAT GREAT grandmother, what a blessing to have 5 generations!

doesn’t she look AWESOME??!!
Now here is Jackson on his Great GREAT grandfathers tractor ( he passed away when J was 5 months old ) I believe papa said he bought this new back in the 1930’s…..

J is a fish LOVES to swim, he’s starting swim lessons soon so that will be the last of the annoying arm rings.

He is also such a clown, he totally cracks me up!

He is the best big brother it really amazes me how much he and Ella love each other, he adores her and she adores him!

watching the parent trap, lol

Miss Ella is packing up and going to paris, oh don’t I wish we were! 😉

This past weekend she was cracking me up in the hotel room

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