WOW what a week!!

My poor baby J has been so sick all week, it was hard to see him too sick and so upset to miss his Valentines party at school. Thank God, he is feeling much better and so excited to go back to school on Monday.
Little miss E, was sick too but still her little high matience it’s all about me, LOL!
How 2 kids can have such different personalities is CRAZY.
They are my Loves!

Valentines was great, My awesome hubby sent me a dozen flowers to work from the kids, with the sweetest card about me being the best mom.
Then he sent me some AWESOME PJ’s, that he knew i’d love. With another SO sweet card, which reminds me I need to take photos of my flowers.

I love you B! you are the Best!

Then I got two more presents last night, Yummy Sushi my fav! and a movie of my choice, 27 dresses.
Great CUTE movie!
Even B thought it was good.
We saw PS I love you, a few weeks ago and we both thought that was great.

Let’s see i’m so behind on editing and ordering pics and taking photos lately.
I can’t wait to spring and do lots of on location, which is MY favorite type.

All my girls out there, I miss you all and we all need GIRL time very soon!
That would be what, Hickory, Charlotte, Shelby and Asheville.

Love to all of my awesome family and friends!
Sorry I never have time to call you back lately, I KNOW i’m slagging in that department!

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