Monthly Archives: August 2007

More of Ella and still missing Jackson

I’m glad he’s having a blast! Nana said he talked the whole plain ride and hasn’t stopped yet,View full post »

My grandma had her 70th B-day last week

I’m still catching up, Jackson insisted she needed a HOMEMADE cake that since she was SO old she needed specialView full post »

My “baby” boy is in Texas for the week and Ella

Me, and daddy sure are missing him already! He’s gone to visit his uncle for the week with Nana and Grandpa. IView full post »

Friends, Friends, Friends

I LOVE how kids have SO much fun just doing nothing. “B” and “B” are twins & are oppositeView full post »

My “BELLA” Ella

I could just eat her up! I can’t believe she is already 9 months!!! She is quite the Diva!View full post »

Mr and Mrs Windsor back from Jamaica and ME ;)

Aren’t they the most Photogenic and Gorgeoue couple EVER?!?! Plus I just love them! Lee took a pic of me andView full post »

Ok where does the time go?!?!? I really do

mean to get on here more and really ‘blog’ but yet again it’s so late and i’m tired so goingView full post »

Katie & Lee’s rehersal and rehersal dinner

I had so much fun this weekend, Katie! Everything was so perfect! Love you!View full post »