Monthly Archives: March 2009

Dominique&Tim Esession FUN FUN FUN!!!

I can’t wait until their wedding, They are SO photogentenic and she can really WORK the camera!I wish you guysView full post »

Spring Spring I LOVE Spring!

I’m just a LITTLE Biased, but he is SOOOOOOO cute! and I think she is just ADORABLE!! Funny boy! AlwaysView full post »

Gorgeous Preggo Couple waiting on Baby Boy

I know this little man will be the cutest baby and will be the best dressed baby on the block. I can’t wait toView full post »

{{ 6 days of pure PRECIOUSNESS}}

yep another newborn! She was so adorable!Coming soon lots more Newborns and a Gorgeous Preggo and Cute Daddy too!!andView full post »

The Sweetest Family and 2 ADORABLE brothers!

These boys were way too precious! Big Bro D was so funny Little H was on the GO! they kept me on my toes!I enjoyed theView full post »

Snapshots of my Kids and just Personal stuff No technically correct photos here ;)

WOW we have been BUSY BUSY BUSY, Thank God I know more and more people are loosing their jobs and even homes, IView full post »