Wrapping Up the Fun: A Guide to the Classic Mummy Costume

The mummy. A universal symbol of mystery and the undead, stalking the halls of ancient tombs and capturing our imaginations.

The mummy. A universal symbol of mystery and the undead, stalking the halls of ancient tombs and capturing our imaginations for centuries. And what better way to embody this iconic monster than with a classic mummy costume?

This costume is a Halloween staple for a reason. It’s easy to make, adaptable for all ages and budgets, and undeniably effective. So, dust off your creativity and get ready to transform yourself into a terrifying (or perhaps comical) mummy!

The DIY Mummy: A Budget-Friendly Approach

The beauty of the mummy costume lies in its simplicity. First things first, you’ll need bandages. Lots of them! While pre-made mummy wraps are readily available, white cheesecloth offers a more cost-effective option. Look for cheesecloth by the yard at your local fabric store.

Here’s where the fun begins. Drape the cheesecloth over your clothes, starting from head to toe. Don’t worry about being neat or symmetrical; the haphazardly wrapped bandages are what create the classic mummy look. Rip or tear the cheesecloth for a more tattered effect.

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Securing the Wraps: Not So Crummy Techniques

As you wrap, secure the cheesecloth with safety pins or staples. Focus on areas that tend to come loose, like the ankles, wrists, and around the head. Pro-tip: Layer the cheesecloth for a more opaque and mummy-like effect.

Let’s Get Gross (But Not Really): Adding Creepy Texture

Now for the fun part: distressing the bandages! For an extra creepy touch, use tea or coffee to stain the cheesecloth. Simply brew a strong pot, let it cool slightly, and dip or splatter the cheesecloth. This creates an aged, “been-buried-for-centuries” look.

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Accessorize for Extra Impact

No mummy costume is complete without the right accessories. Eye makeup is key. Dark circles and smudged eyeliner create an undead effect. Consider white or yellow contact lenses for an extra eerie look.

Beyond the Bandages: Alternative Mummy Takes

The beauty of the mummy costume is its versatility. Don’t feel confined to the traditional white cheesecloth. For a more regal mummy, opt for gold or metallic bandages. Black or brown bandages create a more decayed, “risen from the grave” look.

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Think Outside the Box: Creative Mummy Ideas

Feeling particularly inspired? Here are some creative twists on the classic mummy costume:

  • Pharaoh Mummy: Channel your inner Egyptian royalty with gold jewelry, a regal headdress, and a cobra staff.
  • Mummy Bride: Add a tattered wedding veil and a bouquet of dead flowers for a hauntingly beautiful twist.
  • Mummy Pet: Don’t forget your furry (or feathery) friend! Wrap your pet in bandages (be sure to leave their face free!) for a mummy entourage.

Mummy on a Budget: Thrift Store Finds

For the truly budget-conscious, consider a trip to your local thrift store. Look for long white dresses, sheets, or even old curtains to use as a base for your mummy costume. With a little creativity and some strategic ripping and tearing, you can transform these finds into a spooky mummy masterpiece.

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Mummy for a Crowd: Group Costume Ideas

Mummies are a great choice for group costumes. Coordinate your bandages in different colors or textures for a visually interesting effect. Consider a mummy family, a group of archaeologists who unearthed the wrong tomb, or even a bandaged-up rock band!

Mummy Mane: Spooky Hairstyles to Complement Your Costume

The perfect mummy costume isn’t just about the bandages; it’s about the head-to-toe transformation! And don’t forget your hair – it can be a key element in pulling off a truly terrifying (or perhaps comical) mummy look. Here are some complementary hairstyles and hair treatments to consider:

The Bald Approach:

  • Classic Choice: For a truly skeletal look, consider shaving your head completely. This is a bold option, but it creates a realistic mummy effect, especially when paired with a bald cap.
  • Low-Maintenance Option: This is also a great choice if you’re short on time or don’t want to deal with styling your hair.

Hair Under Wraps:

  • Hidden Mystery: If shaving your head isn’t your style, you can simply tuck your hair under your mummy wraps. Use bobby pins or hair clips to secure your hair flat against your head before wrapping the bandages.

Spooky Strands:

  • Messy and Matted: For a more distressed look, create messy braids or twists before wrapping your hair. Tease the hair at the roots to add volume and texture. Let some strands escape the bandages for an extra unkempt vibe.
  • Streaks of Color: Feeling bold? Consider adding streaks of color to your hair with temporary hair chalk or spray. Think grays, greens, or even blues for an extra eerie touch.

Hair Product Picks:

  • Hair Mousse or Gel: Apply a generous amount of mousse or gel to create a wet look and slick your hair back for a more sculpted, decaying mummy effect.
  • Hairspray: Once you’ve achieved your desired style, use a strong-hold hairspray to keep everything in place, especially if you’re incorporating loose strands.

Remember: The key is to keep your hairstyle simple and manageable, as it will be covered by bandages. The goal is to create a look that’s messy, unkempt, and contributes to the overall “undead” vibe.

Bonus Tip: If you’re using hairspray or other styling products, make sure they are safe for use near your eyes, as some mummy costumes involve tearing the bandages around the eye area.

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Bringing Your Mummy to Life: Movement, Gestures, and Speech

A fantastic mummy costume isn’t just about the bandages; it’s about embodying the creature itself. Here are some tips to elevate your mummy experience through movement, gestures, and speech:


  • Slow and Stiff: Forget graceful strides. Mummies have been entombed for ages, so their movements should be slow, shuffling, and labored. Imagine wading through thick mud.
  • Limited Range: Mummies are tightly bound. Restrict your arm movements, keeping them close to your body. Bend at the knees slightly, suggesting a hunched posture.
  • Dragging a Foot (Optional): For an extra touch, try dragging one foot slightly behind you, creating an uneven, unbalanced gait.


  • Minimal and Jerky: Mummies lack fine motor control. Gestures should be rare, slow, and jerky. If you need to point, use a stiff arm and a single, extended finger.
  • Clawing Motions: When reaching for something, imagine your hands are more like claws. Curl your fingers and make grabbing motions that lack precision.
  • Broken and Uncoordinated: Mummies haven’t moved in a long time. Occasionally twitch or jerk a limb as if your body is reawakening from its slumber.


  • Low Growls and Moans: Forget clear pronouncements. Mummies have been out of practice with human speech. Communicate with guttural growls, moans, and hisses.
  • Rasp and Crackle: If you must speak, make your voice raspy and dry. Imagine your vocal cords are parched from centuries of silence.
  • Limited Vocabulary: Mummies likely have a limited grasp on language. Stick to simple words and phrases like “brains,” “help,” or even just their own name (if they remember it!).

Bonus Tip: Watch classic horror movies featuring mummies for inspiration! Observe how the actors portray their characters’ movements and vocalizations.

With a little practice, you can transform your mummy costume into a truly immersive experience. Remember, have fun with it! The key is to be creative and let your inner mummy loose.

The Final Touches: Making Your Mummy Move

Remember, a great costume isn’t just about how you look, it’s about how you move. Channel your inner undead with a slow, shuffling walk and moaning groans. Practice your best “risen from the dead” stare in the mirror to perfect your mummy scowl.

So get wrapping, get creative, and have fun! With a little effort, you can transform yourself into a mummy that will have everyone saying, “That’s a wrap! You nailed the costume!”