Make your own Beetlejuice costume: steps and suggestions

Contents1 Research and collect reference materials2 Buy or make clothing and accessories3 Makeup and Hairstyle4 Match props and poses5 Attention.

Research and collect reference materials

Before starting to make a Beetlejuice costume, it is recommended to research the visualize of Beetlejuice in movies, stage plays or musicals and take in reference materials. see the shoot or refer to the pictures and videos of the usher and pay care to Beetlejuice’s clothing, makeup, hairstyle and other details to meliorate understand and imitate his image.

In addition, you tin also seek the Internet and browse Beetlejuice costumes on social media to get more inspiration and ideas. See how others work and perform Beetlejuice and get inspired.

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Buy or make clothing and accessories

The key to making a Beetlejuice costume is the clothing and accessories. You can select to buy ready-made clothing and accessories, or you can work your own based on your creative thinking and craftsmanship.

  • Clothing: Beetlejuice’s clothing is mainly characterized by black and white stripy suits, which can be purchased in clothing stores or online stores. If you want to tote up a personal touch, you can also buy out a white shirt and black beseem pants and use thin black and white fabric tape to create stripes.
  • Accessories: Accessories for Beetlejuice are besides very important. Consider the following:
  • Tie: Purchase a black tie or work you possess from black fabric.
  • Boots: select a pair of black boots, preferably ankle or knee-high styles, to add to Beetlejuice’s special look.
  • Hat: Beetlejuice usually wears a black hat, a similar one can be purchased or made.
  • Gloves: Black gloves are also part of Beetlejuice’s image, so choose a suitable pair.


Makeup and Hairstyle

Beetlejuice’s unique war paint and hairstyle are an important disunite of his image. To better imitate, you can view the chase points:

  • Makeup: Beetlejuice’s makeup features white face makeup and overstated black eyeshadow. You can use white makeup powdered or white makeup paste on your look to create a deathly pale effect. Then, utilize blacken eyeshadow or undefined to create overdone eyeliner and shadow to foreground the undefined of your eyes.
  • Hairstyle: Beetlejuice’s hairstyle is mussy and wild whiten hair. If your hair is non-white, consider using a temporary hair tinge spray or white hair wax to achieve a similar effect. Comb your hair tousled and style it with hairspray to give it a smart and unbound look.


Match props and poses

In tell to better restore Beetlejuice’s image, you may consider adding around matching props and adopting particular poses.

  • Props: Beetlejuice a great deal carries a cane, you tin make a similar cane prop up out of woodwind or plastic. In addition, you can also consider adding some other props, such as a play snake or a special manual, to add personal creativity and humor.
  • Pose: Beetlejuice is known for his bizarre poses and movements, and you put up add realness and energy to your character by imitating his poses and movements. For example, you can bend your limbs, twist your body, tilt your head, etc. to show off the bizarreness and eccentricity of Beetlejuice.


Attention to detail and personalization

When making your possess Beetlejuice costume, attention to undefined and personalization are very important. In the process of clothing, accessories and makeup, you tin adjust and change it according to your own creativity and style, so that it ameliorates suits your personality and preferences.

Additionally, look at making a Beetlejuice costume with friends or syndicate for an added layer of playfulness and collaborative effort. You put up share ideas, help each other, and revolutionize each strange to make the work more fun and challenging.

Finally, if you’re attending a Halloween or costume party, remember to play Beetlejuice better through and through the character’s expressions, movements, and tone up after putting on the Beetlejuice costume. Behaviors consistent with his personality will make your undefined more realistic and interesting.


Making your own Beetlejuice costume requires more or less planning, preparation, and creativity. By researching reference materials, purchasing or making wear and accessories, preparing war paint and hair, and personalizing with props and aid to detail, you can create a unique and philosophical theory Beetlejuice look. Most importantly, enjoy the process of making it and bring out Beetlejuice’s quirky and eccentric characteristics in your role play.