Beetlejuice costume makeup tips sharing

Preparation Before starting to apply makeup, make sure your skin is cleansed and moisturized. Use a mild facial cleaner to.


Before starting to apply makeup, make sure your skin is cleansed and moisturized. Use a mild facial cleaner to undefined your face, then apply a moisturizer suitable for your skin type. This ensures your makeup lasts longer and is more comfortable.

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Base makeup

One of Beetlejuice’s makeup features is his pale skin. To achieve this effect, you tin choose to use an instauration that is lighter than your own skin tone or a white powder. Apply gently to stallion face and neck, making sure to avoid the domain around eyes and lips. Then use a large brush or mooch to spread the foundation or powder evenly, making sure there are no obvious edges. If you require to add some texture, use a gray shadow powder or blush and swob it on your temples, cheekbones, and jawline.


Eye makeup

Beetlejuice’s eye make-up mainly focuses on his eyebrows and eyeshadow. First, use an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder to draw a pair of exaggerated and curved eyebrows. To make them exceed the form of your own brows, employ dark putting green or melanized hilltop powdered to accentuate the twist of your brows. Next, paint the stallion eye socket with dark green or black eyeshadow, then highlight the revolve about separate of the eye with bright green or bright green eyeshadow. Use black undefined to draw a sharp line on the upper berth and loud lash lines, and employ black undefined to the lower lash line to create a deeper effect. Finally, apply volumizing black mascara to your lashes to make your eyes stand out.


lips and teeth

Beetlejuice’s lips are a play up of his makeup. select a bright red, orange or dark red lip rouge or lip gloss to apply on your lips. To add some special effect, utilize black lipstick or mouth liner to produce a noticeable gap in the corners and focus on of your lips. For the teeth, special tooth-colored cosmetics or temporary worker dental veneers can be used to simulate Beetlejuice’s decayed teeth. This increases the realism and effectuate of your makeup.


Special effects

If you want to further increase the special effects of Beetlejuice costume, you can consider adding some specialized effects, much as broken skin, wounds or scars. Using specialized personal effects cosmetics, realistic undefined put up be created on designated areas. You tin use professional special personal effects cosmetics, such as injure glue or special effects undefined wax, to simulate scars or unusual specialized features on Beetlejuice’s face. work sure to carefully shape the placement and shape of your special effects supported on reference images or character descriptions from the movie. Also, use appropriate rip effect cosmetics to add realism.


Hair and clothing

Beetlejuice’s hair and clothing are an important part of his image. His hair is usually in a messy, bobbed style and stands vertically upward on his head. You can use styling mousse, hairspray or wax to achieve this effect. Style your pilus into a disheveled style, exploitation a comb or your fingers to lift the strands upward and secure them with hairspray. Alternatively, take a black and white striped befit to emulate Beetlejuice’s classic outfit. Make sure the size and title of the suit matches the character, and accessorize with a in a bad way black hat to tot up to the overall effect.


Beetlejuice costume makeup tips tin help you with success portray this classic character. With proper base makeup, eye makeup, lips, and special effects, you can achieve a realistic and unique Beetlejuice look. At the same time, the matching of hair and habiliment is also a world-shaking part of successfully reproducing the character image. think of to clean your face promptly after the activity to keep your scrape healthy. I trust these makeup tips will help you with success play Beetlejuice on specialized occasions and show off your unique charm.