DIY Guide to Beetlejuice Costume

If you want to successfully cosplay as Beetlejuice for a special occasion, but don’t want to pass too practically money.

If you want to successfully cosplay as Beetlejuice for a special occasion, but don’t want to pass too practically money on a ready-made costume, this article will supply you with a DIY guide to a Beetlejuice costume. With a a few simple yet fictive steps, you can create a realistic and unique Beetlejuice look.

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Costumes and props

Before making a Beetlejuice costume, you need to train some costumes and props to the full present the character’s characteristics. First, you can take a black and white striped suit, which is one of Beetlejuice’s classic clothing styles. If you can’t find a striped suit that fits, consider making a custom suit by splice white and black fabrics together.

In addition, you will likewise want a shabby black hat, as well as some special props such as ties, gloves and shoes. For a tie, you can choose a tie that is unleash and not to a fault neat, and then marry it into a large, let loose knot. Gloves and place tin be black or black and white to match the overall outfit.


Make up

Beetlejuice’s makeup is one of the keys to his image, serving to create his evil and comical appearance. When it comes to makeup, you’ll need some staple make-up products to grave Beetlejuice’s facial nerve features. Here are or s of the cosmetics and procedures available:

  1. Foundation: To mimic Beetlejuice’s pale skin, you put up choose a foundation that’s lighter than you have skin tone or a white powder. Gently use it all over your look and neck, making certainly to spread it evenly. You can also employ a gray or dark grey shadow powder to create a blending effect on your temples, cheekbones, and jawline.
  2. Eyebrows: Beetlejuice has a partner off of exaggerated and round-backed eyebrows. Use an supercilium pencil or eyebrow powder to give in your eyebrows a Beetlejuice-like shape. You can use nighttime green or black eyebrow powder to play up the curve of your brows.
  3. Eye makeup: Beetlejuice’s eye makeup is usually heavy and exaggerated. use dark green or black eye shade to the entire eyeball socket, and then use brightly green or bright green eyeball shadow to play up the focus on of the eye. Use black eyeliner to draw distinct lines on the upper and lower lash lines, and smudge the lower lash line with melanized eyeshadow for added depth. Finally, use thick blacken mascara to add loudness to your eyelashes.
  4. Lips: Beetlejuice’s lips are one of the highlights of his image. Choose a bright red, orange or flush lipstick or lip gloss to apply to your lips. To add some specialized effect, you tin use nigrify lip rouge or lip liner to sketch a pronounced pass at the corners and center of your lips to mimic Beetlejuice’s specialized back talk shape.
  5. Teeth: Beetlejuice’s dentition are a major feature of his image and tin be simulated by using special tooth-colored cosmetics or temporary dental veneers to simulate Beetlejuice’s decayed teeth. This increases the realism and set up of your makeup.


Hairstyles and Wigs

Beetlejuice’s hairstyle is one of the important parts of his image. If you already have short hair, you can apply around hairspray or styling product to undefined it into a tousled state to mimic Beetlejuice’s messy style. If you have long hair, try using hairspray and styling products to style your hair into a short. Twisty search and secure it with bobby pins. If you don’t have a suitable hairstyle, consider purchasing a Beetlejuice wig, which will ameliorate recreate his hairstyle.


With this Beetlejuice undefined DIY guide, you can make a realistic and unusual Beetlejuice search in simpleton and creative steps. Remember, the distinguish is too undefined his clothing, makeup, hairstyle, posture, behavior and tone of voice. Have playfulness playing Beetlejuice and usher off your talents and creative thinking for special occasions!