Kristin&John Engagement Session

What a Sweet Fun Couple we have loved to work with! Kristin&John are both from Wilkesboro and went to the same High School. When Kristin was in college they started dating. We met them for a bridal consult and immediately I hoped they would hire us not only did they seem like they would be fun to work with, but they and Kristin’s mom are all SO nice. You feel like you known them after a few minutes and I love that.
Our First Engagement Session was rained out but we just sat around and talked to them and Kristin’s parents. I told Brent when we got in the car, that they are Honestly some of the nicest most genuine people I have ever met. What is sad about how nice they are is how UNcommon it is to meet people like that now days, we are all so caught up being busy. They are the type of people you WANT to be your neighbors.
We got some great weather for our postponed Engagement session, we started at her families land, it’s GORGEOUS, Serene and so peaceful out there. Her Grandmother has blueberries, Rasberries, Blackberries, Corn, etc.. Once she saw us she offered us Sweet Tea or Icecream, What if EVERYONE was like that? Wouldn’t the world be a MUCH better place? I wish for a world of people MORE like them for my kids to grow up around.
We had alot of fun shooting and little Oliver their fur baby even posed for a few shots.
We go back to the house for them to change clothes and head downtown and everyone notices this NEW GORGEOUS ring on her finger, yeah SOMEHOW during our session when we were in the field he gave it to her, talk about smooth. She was wearing his grandmothers ring which was also gorgeous but got her the ring she wanted and Surprised her with it during our shoot, HOW SWEET was that??!! I thought pretty sweet! Whoa I’m a HUGE talker but normally I never type this much sorry for all the babble here comes the best part their photos!

Kristin and John, we can’t wait to capture your day in July!
We think the world of you guys (and mom and dad 😉 )


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