Who am I? ;) and what I like :O) all about me!

Besides being a sahm of 2 awesome kiddos, there is Lots of stuff I love!

I am a ‘stuff’ junkie heee heee!

I LOVE way too much, especially shopping, I am the girl who can go nuts from anywhere to Target OR Nordstroms, I just like it all! :O

I Love God, My family, and My friends! I also love our church, it’s just the right size and the people there are so kind, everyone makes you feel like ‘family’.
I LOVE Clothes and Fashion everything about Fashion I just LOVE.
I’m a magazine junkie too!
here are just a few of my way too many favorites.
I wish I could afford my favorite ‘men’ 😉 you know the ones i’m talking about, Tom Ford, Louis, Jimmy, I could go on but I’ll spare you for now what I do wear and LOVE.
you know you can even find the cutest clothes at Tarjay! who knew??!!
LOVEEEEEEEE shoes first of all
Second designer jeans omgosh I LOVEEEEEE them there really is a reason why they are more expensive, they are SO WORTH it!
I personally love all my sevens, hudsons, citizens, blue cults, papers, true religion, Paige, Joe’s, AG’s, James, chip&pepper’s, Antik’s…. i’m sure there is more I still haven’t bought any rock and republic’s but think they are way cool too!
WAY sad, I know about this many pairs of jeans and the many styles and cuts of each, that could be my talent! 😉
for everything else I like most all stores ahahahha!
Banana Repbulic, Gap, JCrew, Nordstroms, Belk’s, Dillards, etc etc etc……..
I LOVE sephora, it’s like a candy store for makeup, they have it ALL except MAC which I get my shadow and Lip Glass from.
I LOVE handbags! but lately into diaper bags 😉
Love Petunia Pickle Bottom, Fleurville, Reese Li, Timmy and Leslie, Posh by Tori.
hmmmm ok Food I LOVE food too ahahhah!
two favs are PF Changs and my Carm Frap from Starbucks
hmmmmm what else?
I LOVEEEEE Photography obvioulsy, Nikon is my fav brand!
really enjoy scrapbooking but i’m WAY behind!
real simple layouts are so cute! I can go NUTS in hobby lobby!
I love to travel mostly just give me an ocean although I do LOVE New York City and Chicago.
Plus Savannah is Gorgeous!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach, any beach, almost 😉
Love the lake, love going out on the boat, Katie, i’m so excited you are living on the lake now….. hee hee!
I love movies, mostly girly movies that Brent says he hates but I can always tell he really does like them. ;0
LOVE Grey’s Anatomy. I think i’m in GA withdrawl right now!
Yummy….. McDreamy!
I LOVE to read esp chick lit! also love Nicholas Sparks, i know totally diff than chick lit!
I like quotes and cute stuff

I’m sure there is TONS more but all I have time for right now got a Tball game to get ready for then tonight i’ll post some pics of the kids!

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